6KW Solar System

Get your system from Australia’s top rated retailer.

  • 24 X 250 W Solar Panels

24 x 250 Watt high efficiency solar panel (6000 Watts)

  • 5 kW Inverter

Extended 10 years warranty option available on selected inverters

  • Certified Australian Standard mountings

Specially selected by euro solar engineers team

  • 25 – 30 years performance warranty

10 – 12 Years manufacturers warranty on photovoltaic panels

  • Australian standard high quality electrical material

Installation by CEC accredited electricians. 120 months workmanship warranty available

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We have special installation offers Australia wide for solar panel systems. The level of savings a customer will make depends on their location and their individual circumstances.


I went to see Dominic and he showed me what Euro Solar had. I went through the warehouse and made my decision.It was spot on. I got panels, they have Australian standard and the Australian standard is very high. And we got the german designed inverter which is top of the line. The service was good and the fitting was spot on.


These guys actually made it really simple to understand what type of system. I would like and what would fit into our budget. After looking at our power bills, previously it was $300 and now we don’t even check because it’s all on credit. Now we’re much more relaxed that we got solar power.


Right from the beginning, the solar expert I felt was strangely accommodating which was quite refreshing from most of the others. And that continued. There was no high pressure, yet easy going at the same time. At the end of the day, I dealt with a company that was accommodating and efficient.

Have you been a happy owner of solar panels for a while, and are ready to upgrade? Perhaps you are a first time adopter of solar technology, and know the exact amount that you want? Perfect for large-sized homes or workplaces, this package offers the same promises as our 4 kW and 5 kW offerings, with extra panels included to ensure that everything in your building is always well-powered. With this package we offer the ultimate powered experience, so we use the same high-quality electrical materials that we do across all of our package options. With over 120 months of workmanship warranty available, our electricians will be available at all times, whether a storm has tripped the power, or the summer heat is causing issues, we’ll be there.  Get the premium solar panel experience, to match the premium quality of your home.

Euro Solar is the number 1 solar power supplier in Australia. Over the years we have built up a stellar reputation as the first choice when Australians think of solar, and we are always striving to be even better. That’s why we have a large variety of solar panel options to suit our customer’s specific needs. Our high-level package comes with 24 x 250 watt solar panels, equalling 6000 watts of power for your residence. The package also includes a 6 kilowatt inverter, with an extended warranty of 10 years available for selected units.