Save Money and Earn Money with Solar Installations On Your Property

More and more Australians are shifting to renewable energy as the popularity of solar panels continues to increase in the past decade. This is because of its benefit to reducing carbon footprint and helping consumers save money on electric bills.

The Impact of Solar Energy on The Market Value of Properties

Over the past years, prospective buyers of properties have been willing to spend more for properties or homes with solar panels. Installing solar panel systems on your property can increase the property’s value by up to 3 to 4 %. 

The size of the solar panel system often increases the market value of properties, whether residential homes or commercial spaces. Unlike smaller solar panels, larger solar panel systems have more market value, especially if the system runs at optimum energy efficiency or is in a highly efficient location.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Solar System Panel

Always consider what type of solar panels would best fit your preferences and budget when investing in solar panels. Compare and contrast the different types of solar panels to rule out the best for you. 

You can always seek the help of experts to help you come up with a sound decision. Overall, you want a solar panel that will help improve the efficiency of your property and increase its value.

The Rental Market

Solar power appeals to several buyers, but a commonly overlooked group of people are the renters. There is a continuous increase in demand for solar installations amongst rental properties. 

By installing solar panel systems, landlords can increase the value of their property and increase the chances of them remaining rented out. It was even noted that 75% of surveyed renters are willing to pay extra to live with a property that is into solar energy.

Make the Most Out of Wasted Space

There has been a rising demand for unused spaces to be utilized when it comes to solar panel installations.  If you look keenly, you will realize that you have plenty of unused space, which you can use to make money with solar panel installation.

Spaces such as the rooftop, under-the-stairs storage, and a corner in the yard can be considered for solar panel installation. However, the commonly ideal location for these solar installations is in roof spaces.

Turn your wasted spaces into assets by transforming them into green spaces through solar panel installations or gardening ideas if you want.

You may also want to look out for Tesla’s solar tiles, which may become a viable option for most homes in the future. 

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