Solar Power Systems Make Smart Homes in Australia Smarter

Smart homes have internal systems that allow you to remotely control appliances over the internet using a device like a smartphone. One can control the air conditioning or heating unit, garage doors, pool, televisions, refrigerators, lights, and the like. All of these are connected to a central home management hub.

Among the most sought-after smart home hubs in the market are Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

Benefits of Having a Smart Home

Transforming your home into a smart home can make your life easier. The other notable benefit of a smart home is that it contributes to energy efficiency. Home automation can significantly reduce utility costs and help you save energy in the long run.

Smart home hubs are made to promote convenience and enhance the overall quality of life for everyone. With these innovations, you can program appliances like the air conditioner wherever you are, so that your house will be cool when you arrive. 

These hubs can alert you when an appliance is not turned off and you don’t have to return to the house to switch it off. If you have a garden irrigation system, you can set it up to adapt automatically to weather conditions. Consequently, this can help you save both water and electricity.

Smart homes can also allow you to regulate the amount of solar energy being fed back to the grid. This way, you can take advantage of the off-peak electricity costs.

Simply, a smart home’s system makes intelligent decisions with high accuracy. Even though multiple sources of information are fed to the system, it can still anticipate the most effective ways to function without human intervention.

Controlling Remote Devices

Several home applications can run silently in the background via a smart home system. These include but are not limited to Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, security cameras, door locks, pool pumps, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, home entertainment equipment, heaters, fans, air conditioners, and lights.

SolarEdge: Making the Most Out of Solar Power

Are you planning to integrate solar power systems into your smart home? SolarEdge can help you with that! SolarEdge will power your smart home and the appliances that you need to run your home effectively. 

Every panel of the SolarEdge optimized PV system produces a maximum amount of solar energy, especially when the sun is shining brightly. It can generate heat for your home during the winter and cool your home in summer. This unit can also be useful for powering pool cleaners, spa pumps, and pools whenever needed.

SolarEdge makes it possible for smart homes to be powered by a single solar inverter, and with its easy-to-use app. With the mySolarEdge application, you can monitor the performance of your inverters and controls some home appliances. 

SolarEdge smart energy solutions are useful for:

  • Storing excess energy on high-efficiency batteries as a backup when power outages or when solar power generation is not that good.
  • Running cars on sunshine using the world’s first EV charging inverter.
  • They are cutting costs on water heating, lights, etc.

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