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Calculation above is an estimate based on data provided by the Clean Energy Council which assumes 50% of electricity produced is used and the remainder fed back into the grid. For a guide to Solar PV from the Clean Energy Council please view: solar-panels-consumer-guide.pdf ** Also, the default last quarter bill is estimated based on annual electricity consumption on 2014 by the Australian Energy Regulator which is stated on electricity bill benchmarks for residential customers pdf **. All information contained in the above is for illustrative purposes only and your actual savings may differ. Please contact one of our trained solar specialists to discuss your specific circumstances now.  1. ^ Some retailers have offers or tariffs that are ‘regulated’, where the price is set by government. For more information please contact your energy provider for feed in tariff rate.

Learn How Much You Stand to Save with our Solar Power Calculator

When you actually stop to consider how much you’re spending on electricity, the numbers can be a little staggering. The bills continue to pile in and you don’t really think about it much anymore. Well this is where our solar power panel calculator can serve as an extremely valuable tool for revealing exactly how much you stand to save with one of our sophisticated systems. There are a number of different factors which contribute to choosing the best suited solar panel system based off your location and individual power consumption. Whilst it’s all well and fine to listen to businesses throw around a bunch of numbers and make bold claims as to how much their system will save you, Euro Solar’s solar panel calculator will give you a more tangible reason to invest.

Fast, reliable solar panel figures

Our sophisticated calculator has been carefully configured to factor in a range of information, ranging from your location within Australia, your latest power bill and how often you pay said bill. With this information, our solar power calculator will be able to determine your average power consumption and the amount of peak hour sunlight available in your particular region. This will then be able to determine a recommended system size and feed in percentage that will be suitable for your household.

The main advantage of our online solar panel calculator is its simplistic ability to present the facts in black and white. It will be able to clearly show you what you’re currently spending on your electricity without solar energy, and then contrast this information with what you would pay with one of our systems.

Are you ready to take the leap to clean energy?

If you still needed convincing, or wanted to learn how solar energy works, take a look at our benefits page and we’re confident you’ll want to convert to clean power. For any general enquiries, reach us on 1300 387 676 today.