Easy steps to get solar panels



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Let's get started!

Fill out the online quote form or give us a call on 1300 38 76 76 and we’ll discuss your requirements in detail. It would help if you have your recent electricity bill handy at the time of calling.




System design and proposal

We will verify your details over phone and design the techno-commercial proposal based on your requirements.



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Order acceptance

Once you accept the proposal, the order is confirmed with payment of a deposit. Deposit can be paid by credit card or direct bank transfer.




We install it

Our CEC accredited installer will install the system on your rooftop.




One last step to go!

We will liase with your electricity distributor and retailer to install your bi-directional smart meters. These meters will record the electricity transfer to and from the grid.

Frequently asked questions about solar installations:

How to connect with Euro Solar?

Contact one of our friendly staff members on 1300 387 676. Our offices are located all around Australia including major cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. We can offer you solar information such as pricing, specifications, technical data, warranties, installation and much more. We will organize a solar quote free of charge and assess the suitability of your home. We also arrange approval through your electricity supplier, organize the Solar Credits rebate and co-ordinate installation by a CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited installer. Then you can enjoy the benefits of clean, green energy and save lots of money.

How do I know if my roof is suitable for solar panels?

A Euro Solar representative will make observations with advanced imagery software to ascertain the suitability of your roof for a solar system installation. In specific cases where the roof design is complicated, our installer will perform a site inspection to make further observations. We will look at the area available, as well as the direction and pitch of the roof to determine whether the building is suitable and if there would be any extra costs associated with installation of a solar system. We will assist you to design the system based on your targeted energy saving objectives.

Why should I get a Solar power system?

Australia is one of the highest producers of greenhouse gas in the world, and yet we are very slow in adopting renewable energy sources such as solar which could reverse this trend. Germany, Japan, and even the US have more readily embraced solar power and they get far less sun than we do in Australia. It’s really our responsibility to embrace this technology, as it is the cleanest and most viable source of renewable energy available. Euro Solar is endeavoring to make it affordable for every household. A 1 kw system is equivalent to taking two cars of the road every year (that’s up to 1500kg of CO2 per year), and the more people that take this positive step the closer we’ll be to saving the environment.