Grid Connection Details Request

Grid Connection Details Request

    • I declare that I am an Owner of above mentioned property and that I have read the Terms and Conditions which I received with quotation/contract from Euro Solar Representative. All details contained in this form are correct and have been provided to enable the Grid Connection Approval for my Solar Power System.
    • I/We give permission for an application to be lodged on my behalf.
    • All information I have provided is accurate and I understand incorrect information may result in the delay or rejection of the application.
    • I/We understand that my installation time frame will not commence until approval is received from my electricity distributor.
    • I/We understand all electricity charges and credit rates are solely between myself and my electricity retailer. (Any advice given relating to panel positioning, savings, electricity rates and charges during our discussions should only be used as an approximate guide. For further information please contact your electricity retailer)
    • Off-Peak Meter - I understand that all charges for my time switch (if required) are solely my responsibility. (For further information please contact your electrician)
    • I/We understand that If my property is connected with multi phase including services like, Electric Hot water / Slab Heating / Floor heating /Climate Saver facility then truck appointment may require to install timer/amps/contactor switch due to distributor requirement. Euro Solar is not responsible to any costing for that and any delay comes during your grid connection process.

Helping Australians with Grid Connected Solar Systems

With electricity prices rising frequently, it simply makes sense to look for power alternatives. Many people around the country are discovering the many benefits solar energy has to offer homes and businesses and are making the switch to this clean, green energy choice. Supplying and installing systems for clients, our team makes the transition as easy and affordable as possible.

Power for a rainy day

Grid connected solar is a great way to reduce your energy bills, lower your carbon emissions and help the environment, whilst still having the peace of mind you will have power when you need it. With this type of system, excess power that is produced and not used within a home or commercial property is then fed into the grid. In some instances, an electricity company will take note of how much energy is being fed by your property and will provide a credit on your bill.

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What is an off grid solar system?

An off grid system, or stand-alone solution, is for those living in remote areas where the cost required to connect the panels to their main grid is too high. It can also simply be for customers who do not wish to be connected to the main grid. As the system is not connected to the grid, it must include batteries which can provide storage for when usage is high or the input of the panels is low.

Most people only choose an off grid solar solutions when they are necessary, as many prefer the peace of mind and freedom knowing they are connected to the mains in case it is needed.

Choosing the right option for you

If you decide grid connected solar is the way you want to go, you’ll need information on how to get started. The process in each state does vary a little, so having the right information before installation is important. Here at Euro Solar, we can assist our clients throughout the process and ensure they get the most out of their system. To get details on how to go about connecting your solar power, simply read the terms and conditions below and proceed to our details request form.

Prefer to speak to a member of our team first? We’re here to assist you with any enquiries you have about switching to a renewable energy solution and can provide quick quotes. Simply get in touch with us today by calling 1300 387 676.

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