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January 14 2016

Common Mistakes When Purchasing Solar Power Systems

Are you still tossing up whether to install solar power in your home? It can be a daunting process as […]

January 12 2016

What are the Benefits of Solar Power for your Business

As electricity prices continue to grow, more businesses are turning to alternative sources of energy. As one of the leading […]

January 10 2016

Solar Power: How Does it Actually Work?

Many people know what solar power is, but they aren’t really sure how it works. Solar power is extremely an […]

January 06 2016

6 Fantastic Facts About Solar Energy

If you’ve ever thought about switching to solar power, but you aren’t sure about fact from fiction, here are 6 […]

November 25 2015

Today’s mood – saving the planet

Got a bit of a green thumb or an active interest in cutting a few dollars off your power bill? […]

August 07 2015

10 signs you should opt for Euro Solar

1. Get with the trend Renewable energy means you’re a step ahead of those that aren’t quite in the clean […]

July 04 2015

Powering your home with solar

If you’ve been planning to install solar panels in your family home for a while now, then it’s safe to […]