3 June 2017

To whom it may concern,

Business as usual at Euro Solar

On 29 May 2017, I wrote a letter which addressed a post on Facebook entitled “Euro Solar Gone?”. I wish to inform you that this post has since been removed from Facebook due to the post violating Facebook’s Community Standards.

A few days ago, another two attempts were made to damage and tarnish our business, image, brand and reputation in the solar system market. You would be pleased to note that this matter is now being dealt with by our legal advisors as Euro Solar will not take lightly any further attempts to tarnish our business, image and brand.

We wish to again clarify that the rumours about our company’s financial position and status are untrue and aimed to mislead the public. Should you have any queries or if you require any further information, please contact publicrelations@eurosolar.com.au. Please allow us a minimum of two business days in order for us to provide a proper response.

It is business as usual at Euro Solar. We remain focussed and committed to provide our customers with a high level of service and at a cost-effective price.

It goes without saying that we shall continue be Australia’s Number 1 solar retailer.

Yours sincerely,
Sam Patel
CEO, Euro Solar