EU Solar brings you its premium range of solar systems that gives an outstanding balance between quality and affordability. These are configured with the top-rated Sungrow range of solar inverters plus the latest generation 390 Watt EGing panels. 

EGing Energy is a first-class Tier 1 global solar company founded by Bloomberg New Energy. The EGing panels have a 25-year performance and manufacturer’s warranty. Meanwhile, Sungrow inverters come with a 10-year full replacement warranty. We match 

EU Solar offers state-of-the-art solar packages with 132 monocrystalline cells and a 370W power output range.

So far, there are three packages you can choose from:

1. EU Solar Premium Package A

Premium Package A has a 3.3KW system with nine panels and a 3KW inverter. This package starts from $3500, which guarantees 41 small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

2. EU Solar Premium Package B

Premium Package B has a 6.66KW system with 18 panels and a 5KW inverter. This package starts from $4950 and offers 82 small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

3. EU Solar Premium Package C

Premium Package C brings you a 10.36KW system with 27 panels and an inverter with 8-10KW. This package starts from $7990 and provides customers with 130 small-scale technology certificates (STCs).