Several homeowners are now investing in solar energy with the advent of residential solar power systems. Going solar indeed helps residential owners save vast amounts of money in the long run. This is amidst the rising electricity costs over the past years. 

Solar panels are also becoming prevalent in homes owing to the appeal of clean energy. These systems can dramatically help the environment when compared to using electricity.

By switching to the solar industry, you will decrease your reliance on electricity sourced from local network providers. 

Advantages of Going Solar

Going solar indeed comes with perks or advantages you can enjoy:

1. Friendly to the Environment

By saying yes to solar energy, you are also saying yes to the environment’s welfare. Generally, solar power systems can greatly help alleviate global warming by lessening the emission of greenhouse gas and the consumption of fuels.

Instead, these panels utilize the sun’s energy to generate electricity. It is a natural solution coupled with technological advancements that are indeed friendly to the environment.

2. Saves Money in the Long Run

The solar energy from the sun is free and natural. Solar panels take advantage of this free energy to power residentials. Consequently, this can save households hundreds to thousands of dollars on electricity bills annually. 

It is also guaranteed to provide clean electricity for 25 years since solar panels typically come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. This makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run. However, the savings incurred in using a solar power system would depend on the system installed in the residence size.

3. Earn Government Financial Incentives

Property owners can take advantage of the current selection of government financial incentives to save more money. Currently, the federal government offers Small-Scale Technology Certificates or STCs to reward property owners who utilize renewable sources. 

They may receive STCs when they invest in a solar hot water device, wind power unit, or solar power system. Of course, this will depend on the location and size of the system.

4. Getting Tailored-Fit Solutions From Specialists

Solar power companies have a pool of solar energy consultants that will evaluate the net cost and value of the investment, anticipated energy usage, site location, energy history, and expected payback period of their customers. 

EU Solar has qualified experts that will evaluate your needs and formulate a tailored-fit solution for your property. This will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

5. Making Leasing Options Available

Solar companies like EU Solar now offer leasing options to use a solar power system. These significantly help customers to keep their cash or use it to buy other investments while simultaneously saving on electricity costs.

How to Do the Solar Energy Switch with EU Solar

Have you finally decided to go solar? EU Solar is here to the rescue! Below are easy and quick steps you can follow:

  1. Contact EU Solar by phone or provide your details in the quick quote forms. You can find the forms on their official website:
  2. Give EU Solar a copy of your most recent electricity bill.
  3. Arrange a time for a complete onsite visit and evaluation.
  4. Read and review the proposal provided by EU Solar.
  5. Accept the proposal and set a date for installing the solar power system of your choice.