Solar battery storage systems are the trend nowadays and this is not surprising. The solar battery storage system is considered the future of residential power management and energy. The solar battery stores excess power produced by solar panels, allowing you to draw energy from it for later consumption.

More and more clients are installing solar batteries for their energy storage and to help lessen electricity bills, reduce carbon footprint, and prepare for grid outages or blackouts.

Solar batteries are now more affordable, and the new generation of solar batteries is the most cost-effective. They also have impressive features like battery management systems, cloud-based monitoring, and comprehensive internet access.

EU Solar is committed to ensuring the most excellent and suitable battery solutions for its customers’ solar needs. We offer batteries from industry leaders such as Redback battery, Triple Power from SolaX, and LG Chem RESU. 

Solar + Battery Solar Energy Reservoir

A solar power system has an inverter, panels, and a battery for storing solar energy. However, the battery is often optional. Some of the benefits of a solar battery system include:

  • Reduces electricity bills and protects you from the ever-increasing electric cost from local grids. Thus, it is considered the grid of the future.
  • Increases energy independence since you can use solar energy even amidst local grid outages or blackouts.
  • Limits losses as customers come off as state-sponsored.
  • Get feed-in tariff.
  • Reduces carbon footprint, thus protecting the environment from harm.

Contact EU Solar for a free solar assessment and affordable installation if you wish to include a solar battery in your solar panels or perhaps do a new solar installation.