EU Solar takes pride in its range of solar systems with superior quality. Our superior solar packages guarantee exceptional performance and come at sensible pricing to enable you to get a quick return on investment. 

These systems are matched with world-renowned Hyundai solar panels in China, Vietnam, and South Korea. We also bring you Austria’s Fronius range of solar inverters, considered the best in the world. With EU Solar, customers are guaranteed the best warranty options and solar power system performance.

Hyundai panels have a 25-year product warranty. The European designed Fronius inverters to have a 10-year product warranty. If you are a customer who loves sophisticated monitoring with a complete overview of your energy usage, you will genuinely love EU Solar’s special solar packages. Indeed, this is the best in the solar power industry.

Take a look at Euro Solar’s superior solar packages:

1. EU Solar Superior Package A

Superior Package A includes 3.5 KW, nine panels, and a 3KW inverter. It costs around $4990 and has 43 small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

2. EU Solar Superior Package B

Superior Package B includes 6.63 KW, 17 panels, and a 5KW inverter. It costs around $6990 and comes with 82 small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

3. EU Solar Superior Package C

Superior Package C includes 10.53 KW, 27 panels, and an 8.2KW inverter. This costs around $8990 and comes with 130 small-scale technology certificates (STCs)